About Vine Radio

Our music primarily consists of hymns, both classic and modern. We occasionally play other types of Christian music, but as much as seventy-five percent of our programing consists of Bible studies, and sermons. Although very limited, you may hear a sermon or a song that was recorded as long as eighty years ago. We do that because of the uniqueness.

You will not be asked for donations and nothing is for sell by Vine Radio dot org. We never ask for nor accept money. Some of the ministries will ask for donations; however, that is between you and those ministries.



Welcome to Vine Radio

We welcome you to Vine Radio. If this is your first visit, we invite you to look around. We are always adding new material such as devotions, Bible studies, audio sermons, and of course music. We provide old hymns, modern hymns, modern Christian music, Bible teaching, devotions, and sermons. Be sure to listen to some of the programming. In fact, you can leave the player window open and continue to listen to Vine Radio as you explore "Vine Radio.info", or as you surf the web.

Vine Radio, which we use to spread God's Word throughout the world, was conceived from our desire to share God's word with as many people and in as many ways as possible.


What is Vine Radio

Vine Radio is a free internet Christian radio station. Listen to the old classic hymn lyrics sung to a modern beat. We play modern old hymns, occasional original Christian music, classic and new hymns, sermons by some of today's most gifted preachers, classic sermons by well known preachers, and Bible teaching and studies based exclusively on the Bible.


Motivation for Vine Radio

This counter is ticking off the number of people who have died since you opened this page. Every one of them will go to one of two placed, and the vast majority are being cast into Hell because of their unbelief in Jesus Christ as their only way to heaven. Christ commanded his followers to share the Gospel with those who are perishing. This is our sole (soul) motivation!

Who have you shared with today?


Purpose of Vine Radio

God tells us through David that He wants our thanks and praises to come to Him through song. (Psalm 146; 147; 149; 150) We have chosen to use the old hymn lyrics as our music programming. We use a mixture of classic melodies, modern melodies, as well as some instrumental versions; they range from classic styles to modern, they include Big Band sounds, Dixieland, Bluegrass, Classic Country, and more. If you don't like the style of hymn you hear when you first tune in, stick around for three minutes and it will change. Our hymns are performed by some of today's most popular musicians, semiprofessional musicians, and ordinary people that do it well. Our desire is to make the old hymn lyrics more available to the world. This decision was made based on what we believe was God's direction and no other reason. We feel the old hymn lyrics are pleasing to God, and because they are sung so infrequently, they should be preserved for the generations to follow. We do not feel that hymns are "THE" only type of songs pleasing to God, but they do have their place and should not sink into obscurity.