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The telegraph made the pony express obsolete.
What will make email obsolete?

Please contact us if you have any problems listening to any program or accessing any pages on our web site. We would also love to hear from you if you enjoy our programming, have programming suggestions, or would like to suggest a hymn you would like to hear on "Vine Radio".

You can also contact us if you want to talk about music or the Lord. We don't argue, but we will be glad to listen to you and share our knowledge of, dependence on, and love for Him.

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We are located in the Southeastern United States among the mountains of East Tennessee. We are a family owned and operated station, and, no, this is not the studio, but it is what some people think of when they learn we are from the Appalachian Mountains. We are retired school teachers, and Jesus Christ has been the center of our family during our forty-plus years of marriage.

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