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Relax and make yourself comfortable while the rest of the world is speeding along to nowhere, but trying to get there first. Since you are here, life is probably going at a faster rate than is pleasant to you. Well, you are at a place that allows you to relax as you read/listen to God's word and/or relaxing Godly music. You have choices. You can listen to relaxing, but not always slow, music. Or, you can listen to our Live, happing now, programs, or to our Live On Demand, happening now or earlier in the week, programs, or pick your own program from the recent or distant past. The choice is totally yours.


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On Demand Sermons


Please remember that these sermons are all archived from years ago. If you hear any offer to buy or receive anything, ignore the offer because it is no longer available.


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A Closer Look


Closer Look is not a selection of sermons. It is a collection of Bible studies.



Thru The Bible - J Vernon McGee


These are J Vernon McGee's sermons that he preached at his home church. They are not the daily radio broadcast.



Hollie Miller


These are sermons by the pastor of one of the larger Baptist churches in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA.

Circuit Riders - Classics


"The Circuit Riders" of Vine Radio are preachers that have traveled many miles and preached many years. Many of them are deceased, but their message is still alive and as relevant as it was the day it was first preached.
Interested in prophecy?
These sermons are filled with it.

Servant Quarters - Gayle Erwin


Although being around for several years, Gayle Erwin may be new to you. He has a unique style of delivery; comedic. His comedy drives a point home. It is not disrespectful, and you will remember what he has said.


J Harold Smith


While sitting on his sister's back porch, J. Harold Smith came to know the Lord eight days after graduating from college. He immediately began to allow God to do great things in his life. By midnight that same day, he had led six other people to the Lord. He was baptized the following Sunday, along with twenty-eight of his friends that he had personally won to Christ that week. One week later, J. Harold Smith preached in his grandfather's church and fifty-five people were saved. This was just the beginning, and he never slowed down.

He founded the radio program "Radio Bible Hour" in 1932, but he is best remembered for his sermon entitled "God's Three Deadlines." Just through the preaching of that one sermon, J. Harold Smith saw over one-and-a-half million people make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ. Through other sermons, there were approximately one-and-a-half million more professions of faith, making a total of approximately three million souls led to the Lord during his ministry.



Listen to the true stories of hopeless lives and life-changing Hope. Listen to the stirring, dramatic, real-life stories as told by the people that lived them - accounts of hopelessness, and the hope that changes everything.

UNSHACKLED! The award-winning radio drama from Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago grips the heart with compelling and relevant stories of transformed lives.

Without Jesus Christ, we are all shackled by our sin — the results of our wrong choices, our disobedience, and our selfishness. But God is at work, and if we allow it, the power of Christ, through the Holy Spirit, sets us free from our bondage, and we become UNSHACKLED!

Thru The Bible - J Vernon McGee


These are the daily radio broadcast, the Bible Studies. They are not J Vernon McGee's sermons that he preached at his home church.